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IELTS Writing Training 10x 12x

Improve your writing quickly with powerful templates, 80+ examiner-written models, and in-depth feedback using our unique 2-stage feedback system.

IELTS Writing Training 10x

Instant full course access:

  • Lessons, response templates with sentence skeletons for all prompt types, 90+ models written by native speaker IELTS examiners
  • Choose any 10 writing prompts (all 10 can be Writing Task #2)
  • No expiry
  • 2-stage feedback process:
    • Review the lesson and models
    • Write your own response
    • Receive feedback and complete follow-up lessons
    • Revise your writing based on the feedback and follow-up lessons
    • Receive a 2nd round of feedback and corrections
  • 24hr max turnaround time between submitting your writing and receiving feedback. Feedback always includes the official IELTS rubric, colour-coding of errors by error type, detailed comments, and links to follow-up mini lessons.
  • No limit on follow-up questions
  • Full access to Grammar and Complex Sentences course where follow-up lessons are located
  • VIP QA forum access for any other IELTS, grammar, or general English-related questions

One-to-one training session:

  • BONUS: Includes 2 additional writing tasks. These are diagnostic writing tasks that you should complete under test conditions. You’ll receive detailed written feedback and a score within 24 hours.
  • The training session takes place within 1-3 days of completing the diagnostic writing tasks.
  • The training session includes an in-depth explanation of how your writing was scored (both writing tasks) using the IELTS criteria. This way, you will understand exactly where you are losing marks. You will then receive a detailed explanation of precisely what you need to do to satisfy the Band 7+ criteria.
  • If needed, we can do a course introduction and go over how everything works.
  • The 60-minute session will be recorded for your reference.

Additional writing feedback:

  • If needed, you can purchase additional 2-stage writing feedback. All prices are in Canadian dollars and there is no tax.
    • Feedback on 4 additional writing tasks is 95 CAD.
    • Feedback on 10 additional writing tasks is 190 CAD.
    • Feedback on 20 additional writing tasks is 345 CAD.


100% satisfaction guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your writing feedback for any reason, you will immediately receive a full refund.

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