IELTS Curriculum

Writing Task #1 – General

  1. Formal letters
  2. Semi-formal letters
  3. Informal letters

Writing Task #1 – Academic

  1. Bar graphs
  2. Line charts
  3. Pie charts
  4. Mixed charts
  5. Tables
  6. Process diagrams
  7. Before and after diagrams

Writing Task #2 – General/Academic

  1. Agree/disagree
  2. Two perspectives and opinion
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  4. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
  5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your opinion
  6. Causes and solutions
  7. Double questions

20 Complex Sentence Structures

Instead of studying grammar at the verb tense level, a much more powerful method is mastering the different complex sentence forms. This will improve not just writing and speaking, but also reading and listening because your brain will easily understand how ideas in long sentences are connected to each other.

  1. Simple, compound, and complex sentence essentials
  2. Sentence fragments, run-on sentences, compound sentences
  3. Subordinate clauses
  4. Semi-colons
  5. Colons
  6. Relative clauses x5
  7. Participial phrases x6
  8. Noun clauses
  9. Noun clauses for orders and suggestions (subjunctive mood)
  10. Appositives, adjective clusters, adverb clusters
  11. Nominative absolutes

Critical Grammar Areas You Must Master

  1. Inversion and correlative conjunctions
  2. Unreal conditional: past, present, mixed
  3. Past tenses, active voice x4
  4. Past tenses, passive voice x3
  5. Present tenses, active voice x4
  6. Present tenses, passive voice x3
  7. Future
  8. Modal constructions for polite requests and suggestions