IELTS Writing 101


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Course Overview

This course prepares students for IELTS writing. Eight units cover: 

  • Lessons for all prompt types:
    • 7 different Writing Task #2 prompt types
    • 7 different Writing Task #1 Academic prompt types
    • 3 types of Writing Task #2 General prompt types
  • 100% effective templates and checklists for all essay prompt types, including sentence skeletons with embedded grammar to help boost your Grammatical Range and Accuracy score
  • All writing tasks include 2-stage feedback: write, receive feedback, revise, receive additional feedback with follow-up exercises. All writing tasks receive colour-coded feedback and are assessed using the IELTS writing rubric. See exactly where you are losing marks.
  • Over 100 prompts to choose from
  • Over 80 Band 9 models written by native speaker IELTS examiners
  • 75+ hours of class recordings
  • Grammar and Complex Sentences mini course that covers the key grammar concepts you MUST master to get Band 7 on writing
  • If you are getting below Band 7 on Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension, the course also includes:
    • 40 Reading Comprehension texts with instant feedback
    • A powerful vocabulary building system with 1600 high frequency academic and IELTS theme-related items – includes PDF study sheets, vocabulary quizzes, and an AI-powered vocabulary building flip-card app (the same app used by Harvard Medical School to help doctors learn medical terminology)

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