grammar and sentence structure
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Complex Sentences 101 – CS101

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Course Overview

Complex Sentences 101

This course focuses on: 

1. Mastery of complex sentence structures: this is critical not only for improving writing and speaking but also for reading and listening comprehension.

2. Mastery of the grammar needed for the seven most common communication situations (ALL of these are tested on IELTS).

Knowing these 18 common complex sentence types will improve not only how you write and speak but also how much you understand when reading and listening:

  1. Subordinate clauses
  2. Relative clauses x5
  3. Inversion with correlative conjunctions
  4. Semi-colons
  5. Colons
  6. Participial phrases x4
  7. Noun clauses x2
  8. Appositives
  9. Absolutes x2

The seven most common communication situations tested on IELTS include:

  1. Describing the past and present
  2. Comparison and contrast
  3. Cause and effect
  4. Critiquing an opinion
  5. Giving your opinion
  6. Predicting the future
  7. Conditional situations and hypothetical scenarios

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